Wall Putty in Chennai

Roalux cement based wall putty is a white cement based Wall putty can be applied on either exterior or interior. It has a functional Quality of water retention, free application, water vapour permeability, Resistance to allgae and fungi on wall, work ability, good adhesion abrasion Resistance and good tensile, compressive and flexural strength. it does not require. Water curing. Add finish like smooth and matt.

Coverage : 20-250 SQFT/kg coat It depends on the surface.

Colors : White

Usage : Roalux cement based wall putty comes with powder form so mix 40 to 50% of water to the total volume of putty slowly till the uniform paste Obtain. Putty knife is suitable for applying the prepared mixture. Before apply the putty on the wall, surface preparation like, loose Paint dust oil or grease previous growth of algae and fungal should be Clean with wire brush and water . pot life of roalux cement base putty is 3.5 to 4.5hrs So the putty mixture use with in the range with periodic mixing. Roalux cement base wall putty requires 6-8hrs for recoating interval. Roalux wall putty can apply on brick work, plaster surface, asbesots Sheet and ceailing surfaces.