Interior Wall Prime in Chennai

Roalux interior wall primer is a water based acrylic Primer. It is significantly designed for improve for performances of paint Over on it. Roalux interior wall primer have excellent coverage alkali Resistance easy brushing,quick drying and sealing properties. It reduce the recoating interval time cost for paint and Labour, even surface look to the finished paint.

Coverage : 120-130 SQFT/lts single coat

Colors : Available only in milky white colour.

Usage : Roalux interior wall primer can thin with water to get applying Consistency 50-60% of water can add to the total volume of primer It can be Applied on any cementanious surface brick works and water based paint Surface. Periodic agitating of water thinned roalux wall primer is must to get the uniform coating. Recoating interval should be minimum 3-4hrs use roalux wall putty as a base coat before primer surface it will enable the even Surface with out dent and annealing. Brush or spray method can use for application.