Exterior Wall Primer in Chennai

Roalux exterior wall primer is specially made for exterior surface with high coverage, brightness alkali resistance, atmosphere protectionAnti-fungal. This will increase the durability of the exterior paint over on it.Roalux exterior primer does not require any water curing

Coverage : 130-150 SQFT/ lts for single coat

Colors : Milly white in colour

Usage : Roalux exterior wall primer coat should be done on clean and oil tree surface. Water thinner up to 1:1 can add with roalux exterior wall primer. Roalux Cement Based Wall Putty as a base coat for roalux exterior primerWill entance the surface smooth, dent and annealing tree. Recoating interval should be minimum 4hrs. Brush or roller methods can be used for application of prime, it can be Applied on all cementanious surface, brick work plastered cealing asbestos sheet And pop surface.