About us

Our guide and philosopher Sri JAY J Sundar, ventured into this Civil Engineering Business Since 1991 and successfully completed more than 200 ventures in Residential Apartments, Independents Houses and Commercial Buildings in and around Chennai With this experience and acquaintance he is able to identify and make out quality manufacturers and products which are Economical, Environment Friendly and Viable for the construction Industry.
He always has the vision to go with nature and loves to introduce new Eco friendly products in his projects such as

  • AAC Blocks which has got many advantages than the conventional clay bricks (FPS)
  •  For plastering instead of using River sand, new product Build well Ready Mix Plaster is being
    used. For Inner Plastering Gypsum Plastering is very cost effective and friendly product.
  • UPVC Windows

Kindly use the materials that contribute to green living or practices that help conserve resources like Water, Air and Energy

We request each and every one to use the Environment Friendly Materials in Construction and make the next generation comfortable.

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